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Computer Repair Services

For Hardware upgrades: Prices are for installation only (parts not included), add $5 travel fee if you want me to buy parts.

Memory (RAM) upgrades: $10 installation fee
Any part replacement in a Desktop PC - $35
Most part replacements in a Laptop PC - $50
Custom built computers: Need an SLI motherboard (dual vid cards) for your CAD or other graphic/engineering programs? - No problem. For most custom built systems - you buy the parts (or I can find them), and I will build computer for $110.

Software/OS repair:
Password Removal: $35 - any version of windows
Bios Password Removal: $20
OS clean install (drivers included): $80
System Tuneup - I will scan your harddisk for errors and fix them and defragment your file system which will make your computer much faster, boot time & programs will operate much faster. - $40
System Cleanup - I will scan your registry for un-needed items & remove them, as well as clean temporary files, and remove un-needed startup items cluttering your system tray/processes and slowing down your computer - this will greatly enhance speed and performance - $50
Combine both Cleanup & Tuneup for $75
Virus/Spyware removal - please click on the link to the left.